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“Best holiday we had”

“Exploring this land of castles”

“Lovely daytrips”

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A Destination

in its own right, Château de la Buronnière provides a relaxing opportunity to immerse oneself in the rustic charms of typical French villages and romantic rivers.
The location of the château makes it an ideal base to explore the many attractions of the beautiful countryside of Anjou, the Loire Valley and the abundance of historic treasures.
Obviously, we will be most happy to advice you in planning your daytrips.


Amazing castles, elegant manor houses, extravagant buildings and abbeys: Anjou boasts more than 1000 châteaux and stately homes. It displays a permanent backdrop of towers, steeples and ramparts that give an immediate interest to even the smallest village.
Visit the magnificent CHÂTEAU OF ANGERS, still a true defensive royal castle, located within the medieval quarters of beautiful Angers. In this castle the history of France and England was written. Marvel at the breathtaking Tapistry of the Apocalyps.
Enjoy the impressive CHÂTEAU OF SAUMUR, overlooking the Loire and the town of the elegant Saumur.
You will find more than 60 châteaux open to the public. Among them are many exquisite decorated family chateaux that host impressive furniture collections and paintings and where you will find delightful gardens. We only mention some of them:

  • The nearby Château LE PLESSIS-BOURRÉ: an exquisite renaissance treasure.
  • Château LE BRISSAC: the impressive and highest castle of France and residence of the Dukes of Brissac.
  • The château at SERRANT with its stunning architecture.
  • The château at BAUGÉ: the favourite residence of King René Le Plantagenet.
  • Château de MONTGEOFFROY with its lovely decorated rooms.
  • And then there are the famous ‘museum-castles’ like CHENONCEAU, AMBOISE, CHINON and VILLANDRY.


Magnificent abbeys to visit are the Benedictine Abbey of SOLESMES (founded in 1010) and The Royal Abbey of FONTEVRAUD (1101).
The Abbey of SOLESMES is still a monastic settlement. It offers unique five daily services with Gregorian chant.
The impressive Abbey of FONTEVRAUD is the last resting place of  Plantagenet kings (Henri II and Richard I Lionheart).


Anjou is known as the Garden of France. With its mild climate (‘la douceur Angevine’) and fertile soil you will find here numerous gardens of unsurpassed beauty. From Château de la Buronnière you have a rich choice between more than twenty wonderful gardens.
There is a most colourful VARIETY OF GARDENS to be found. Historical gardens, such as Medieval gardens or Renaissance gardens and Historic French vegetable gardens (Potager). Different types of gardens: elegant Jardins à la Française – romantic Jardins à l’Anglaise – centuries old Town gardens or Oriental gardens. Some gardens are dedicated to specific plants, like the famous Rose Gardens, the Gardens of Medicinal and Aromatic plants or Botanic gardens.
Walk on a balmy day in the beautiful gardens of château Château Le Brissac, with in it its five hundred-year-old vineyard. Enjoy the restored gardens of Château le Montgeoffroy; the glorious classical gardens of Château Le Lude along the river le Loir.  And of course the impressive Renaissance gardens of Château de Villandry.
Or enter into the private gardens of the smaller châteaux , open to the public. Here you might even encounter the châtelains working amidst their beloved flowerbeds.
And of course, also the private gardens of Château de la Buronnière are a treat for the soul.

Wine and Vineyards

For four hunderd years wines from Anjou have graced the tables of European royalty.
The famous Vins du Val de Loire offer a great diversity of appellations.
There are many exceptional vineyards. A well signposted route will guide you round the different wine-growing areas and through picturesque villages where the sun shines all day to ripen the grapes.
Remember that visitors have always been positively welcomed in Anjou. Meet the winegrowers, visit the caves and cellars, learn all about winegrowing and which wines to buy. Of course, we will be happy to introduce you at our favourite addresses.

Anjou presents to you:

  • the white wines of the Savennieres and Coteaux de la Loire, where the Chenin Blanc grape produces one of the five greatest French dry white wines;
  • the sweet and supple wine to keep of the Coteaux de l’Aubance;
  • the Coteaux du Layon where the Chenin Blanc ripens and over ripens and is affected by noble rot. It is this that results in a beautiful golden wine as smooth and as rich as velvet;
  • the Rosés, the Anjou Villages and the Anjou Red: fresh Rosés are especially great to drink outdoors;
  • the Anjou Village wine has a characteristic deep red colour and silky tannins; Anjou Red is a lighter, younger wine, supple and full;
  • the Saumur wines, a whole region of whines with a diverse production of whites, reds and sparkling;
  • and also to discover: the Coteaux du Loir and the Jasnières.

Towns and Villages

With Château de la Buronnière as a starting point you will have a great choice for visiting some lovely French towns and many charming and interesting villages.

ANGERS sparkles like a little Paris. A town of art and history where medieval half-timbered buildings compete with grander monuments. One of the most imposing is the medieval castle that stands, rock-like at the entrance to the city and behind whose massive towers the masterpiece of the Apocalypse Tapestry is displayed. A lovely town with its southern feeling, its cobblestones in the mediaeval quarters and sunny terraces and fountains. The many pedestrian streets offer boutiques and antique shops and the famous Galeries Lafayette. Angers has interesting musea and many festivals.

SAUMUR, whose château looks out over an idyllic Loire as it crosses the city, is home to the Cadre Noir (the world famous elite horsemen), and delightful sparkling wines. The elegant town provides opportunities for getting out and about or just wandering down a maze of lanes that provide evidence of their mediaeval history; each bend revealing a monument, a heritage site, a winery.

Amidst the old Royal hunting forest lies the small historic town of BAUGÉ,with its small castle, the favourite of King René, its museums and lovely town walks. And of course: the markets, the terraces and the antique shops.

What Anjou does even better than anywhere else is to provide architectural interest at all levels. From châteaux and castles to abbeys and churches, but also extending to villages where during the seventeenth and eighteenth century some beautiful houses were built. Even in the most humble villages you will find historic treasures.

It is impossible to list them all, but we of course can advise you in making a selection for your daytrips.

And do not forget to step into the French movie-feeling of the original village festivals or brocante-markets!


The region offers a rich choice of sports:

  • Golf: No less than six beautiful Golf Courses.
  • Water sports: Kayak and small boats for rent nearby Château de la Buronnière. On several places along the rivers or the lakes you will find the possibility to rent kayaks or boat.
  • Hiking: Many footpaths and hiking trails.
  • Equestrian sports: Horses have always been a passion in Anjou. Horse riding is possible at many places. Many horse events take place: the magnificent shows of the Cadre Noir in Saumur, the great special courses in Angers and almost weekly courses in many towns and villages.


Also for children there is a lot to do and to see in Anjou. Some examples:

  • Castles and Museums: Castles have a great impact on the imagination of even the very young children. The impressive medieval castle at ANGERS appears to delight every child. Also the nearby military renaissance castle of LE PLESSIS BOURRÉ is highly valued. Many castles and museums offer special programs for children.
  • Theme Parcs: TERRA BOTANICA near Angers: a beautiful plant-themed parc. An absolute must to visit. With amazing gardens, plants and interesting attractions a lovely place to visit for adults and children alike. PUY DU FOU: A grand historic theme Park near Cholet.
  • Animal farms: The region has a number of animal farms with the possibility of walks and picnics and sometimes even a little train.
  • Great Zoos: A magnificent Zoo in LA FLÊCHE with daily shows and beautiful shaded gardens. A remarkable Zoo, partly underground in caves, in DOUÉ LA FONTAINE .
  • Playgrounds: Along the rivers or lakes with sandy beaches. The beautiful 17th century Jardin du Mail in Angers has an old fashioned turn mill and pony rides.